Harbin Institute of Technology Museum opened in May 2010, which integrates the functions of collection, research, exhibition, education and exchange. The museum is open to the public free of charge all year round. It undertakes the functions of publicity and education for domestic and foreign guests, alumni, teachers and students, as well as the society. At the same time, it is also the " Patriotism Education Base". After the opening of the museum, its influence has gradually expanded, and it has become a more influential university museum in Heilongjiang Province.

Harbin Institute of Technology Museum was built in 1906, formerly the Consulate General of Russia in Harbin, and in 1920 it was the school building of China Russia University of Technology (predecessor of Harbin Institute of Technology). This cream-colored classical building is known as the "old civil engineering building" of HIT. It is a classic work of European new art movement architectural style. Now it is a class I protection building in Harbin. Its iconic arched door, Gothic relief on the outer wall and circular watchtower with transparent glass windows are of great characteristics. The building itself is a precious cultural relic exhibit. After a hundred years of vicissitudes, it witnessed the historical changes and development of Harbin Institute of Technology.

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